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Success chances with IVF after failed IUI


Intrauterine insemination is the process where woman get pregnant through artificial scientific method. Under this washed and concentrated sample of sperm is injected directly into the uterus artificially, different from the natural IVF process in ivf india. The Sperm is injected into the uterus in one way and in other when the qualities of eggs are not up to reproductive standards then the process will be conducted into the scientific labs with both egg and sperm are out from the body, mixing into lab and then placed back intothe uterus of female.  Under IUI several medications have been given which enforces ovary to produce multiple eggs at once which later be used for success treatment.  

What could be possible reasons for failing IUI?   

· Woman’s age exceeds the age of getting fertilized 

 · A woman with damaged fallopian tubes 

 · Male with bad quality sperm or low sperm count 

 · Any fertility problem in man either abnormal discharge or lowsemen health 

 · Female having endometriosis 

In any IUI center in Varanasi UP, Whole success of IUI cycle in woman is 7-15% after three to four IUI cycles and that too when all the parameters mentioned above are also not found in any male or female. Now, if a couple decided to go with IVF after they are continuously failing IUI then they should be prepared and should contact the finest IVF agency in their locality.   


What is IVF?  

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the arrangement where a surrogate volunteer for carrying a baby on behalf of intended parents in case of infertility causing in any of the couple due to which they are unable to conceive a baby, IVF is the process done scientifically where the semen of father or donor has been inserted in surrogate’s uterus who carry the baby for next 9 month and later handover the baby to intended parents after birth legally with help of ivf treatment in india. Now the question is when you should choose IVF:  

· Male with low semen health 

 · Poor Egg quality in women 

 · Female with endometriosis cause 

 · Male fertility causes 

 · Genetic problem in mother, father or both 

 · Premature ovarian failure, etc     

Question you should ask your fertility expert before entering the process  

· Anyriskin sticking with same treatment  

Sometimes what happens is that not the treatment method failed but there must be some other reasons like over excess use of clomiphene which is more than six cycles. Repetitive Intrauterine insemination can exhaust you financially and emotionally.  

· What causes the failure  

Many couples try again and again even after IUI or IVF failure which is bad option to choose. You first know that why it got actually failed which may boost up your odds of success next time.  

· Discuss your lifestyle  

It may look unnecessary that why one should discuss their lifestyle with the IVF Experts but the fact is that every pattern of yours; what you consume, where you go and how you spent your days matters when it comes to fertility cycle as living healthy, eating healthy and some precautionary factors are important. If you’re lacking in any of them then this might be the factor affecting your IVF treatment.  

· Testing’s you should go under  

Sometimes it is the testing you have had before and sometimes it’s new to you like going under testing for reproductive immunology issues, karyotyping, genetic screening or more advanced uterine assessment. 

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